Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hello Polyvore

Since Fashmatch will be closing site, fellow-Fashmatchers created some groups (Fabulous Fashmatchers and Fashmatch Group) in Polyvore, another fashion macthing/collage site. I tried dabbling into the stuffs there and here's my very first Polyvore creation (please bear with it, it's not too impressive, I think):


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Farewell to Fashmatch

Just recently Fashmatch announced that the site will be closing down because the ones running it are "unable to financially sustain the operation of the site". This was very devastating for me and for a lot of fellow Fashmatchers all over the world. :(

You see my job is stressful, takes a lot of my time and most of the time keeps me away from home, family and friends. When I discovered Fashmatch it sort of became an outlet for me, a de-stresses as I usually tell my bestfriend, who by the way also agreed with me when I got her hooked to the site. When I am tired or stressed or bored or in a bad mood, I would go to the site and get totally absorbed until I feel better. I don't consider myself a "fashionista", in fact I think I am too simple to be one. You would normally see me in casual clothing, shirt and jeans or shorts, not too dressy. But I do love shopping, even though I usually don't get to wear everything that I buy. Anyway, with Fashmatch, I can be imaginative and creative and make all sorts of fashionable outfits which in real life I would not even get to wear, nor dare to wear. But I find it as a good outlet to express my creative side and like I mentioned, to de-stress.

And not only that, through the site I got to know (though not personally) other girls from other parts of the world who are into the same thing. Though we did not talk about personal stuff, somehow there's a bond or a connection through our matches. We had fun with the great and challenging contests that everyone came up with, fashion ideas were shared thru our matches, comments and ratings gave us confidence and pride in our work and helped improve our creativity and style.

Though I'd hate to say goodbye... to Fashmatch, thank you for a great and fun site, I wish you'd stay longer because you will be greatly missed... to fellow Fashmatchers, thank you for your great matches, the fun contests, the comments/ratings and most of all for helping make Fashmatch a wonderful site just by being a part of it.

I dedicate these outfits for the farewell for Fashmatch...

 French Connection - nucci dress
 Bebe - Stella Satin Shoe
 Calvin Klein - suede wide belt
Matcher: py_david

black prom
 Betsey Johnson -  Betsey Johnson  Evening Stripe Diamond Organza Dress
 Betsey Johnson - Stevie
 Kenneth Jay Lane - Pewter crystal pav� cocktail ring
Matcher: py_david

Saturday, October 11, 2008

34th Winning Outfit - Expensive

CONTEST: Create an expensive outfit that costs 4000$ or higher. It can be any color or style just spend as much as you want.
BY: whitelili
RESULT: 4th Place

Winning Outfit:
 Rafe New York - black denim 'Vanessa' wedges
 Anthropologie - liquid bronze bangle
Matcher: py_david

Thursday, October 9, 2008

33rd Winning Outfit - Cheap

CONTEST: Create a match with 100$...don't do it over 100$.
BY: ramona
RESULT: Winner

Winning Outfit:
 Forever21 - High Waisted Short w/Suspender
 Claires - Headband with tails
Matcher: py_david

Monday, October 6, 2008

32nd Winning Outfit - Earth Tones

CONTEST: Earth tones with modern glamour
BY: Blub3rri
Result: 3rd Place

Winning Outfit:
le tigre
 Marc Jacobs - MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Le Tigre' Dress
 Banana Republic - Gabrielle braided wooden sandal
 Cole Haan - Genevieve Woven Clutch
Matcher: py_david

 GOjane - basiman dress
 Christian Louboutin - Marisandal flats
 Chantelle - Beaded Teardrop Earrings
Matcher: py_david

 Rampage - Yarn Dyed Stretch Poplin Empire Shirt with Side Tie
 Rampage - Alya Knee Short with Rhinestone Flap Pocket
 Banana Republic - 'Hannah' square-buckle platform slide
 Kenneth Cole - Sudden Ruche Vertical Tote
Matcher: py_david

31st Winning Outfit - Mariah Carey Long Dress

CONTEST: Dress up Mariah Carey using long dresses only
BY: whitelili
RESULT: Winner

Winning Outfits:

 BCBG Max Azria - Strapless Floral Chiffon Gown
 Christian Louboutin - Ambrosina pumps
 Banana Republic - Mixed pearlescent discs hoop earring
Matcher: py_david

 Polo - COLLECTION Virginie Silk Striped Dress
 Jimmy Choo - Trivia glitter sandals
 Urban Outfitters -  Shell Leaf Necklace
Matcher: py_david

30th Winning Outfit - Kara Kent

CONTEST: Make an outfit that Kara Kent (Smallville), or a girl version of Clark Kent, would wear. If you've never seen the show or heard of it, the color is BLUE.
BY: NoCanoodaling08
RESULT: 2nd Place and 6th Place

2nd Place:
 Polo - COLLECTION Virginie Silk Striped Dress
 Jimmy Choo - Trivia glitter sandals
 Urban Outfitters -  Shell Leaf Necklace
Matcher: py_david

6th Place:
black n blue
 Bisou Bisou - Bisou Bisou� Satin Trim Cami
 Marc Jacobs - Chrissie' Stretch Denim Jeans
 BCBGirls -  BCBGirls 'Sundown' Pump
 Lee Angel - Large Wavy Enamel Stretch Bracelet
Matcher: py_david