Monday, November 17, 2008

15th Polyvore Winner - American Eagle Outfitters


RULE: Must include at least TWO items from American Eagle Outfitters.

BY / GROUP: Suzy Kaulitz-Cullen ♥ / I [♥] CONTESTS!

RESULT: 2nd Place

AE Casual by pamdavid

14th Polyvore Winner - Seatbelt Bag

CONTEST: SeatBelt Bags

RULE: Include a seatbelt bag. It can be any bag, wallet, or accessory

BY / GROUP: c0lekristine / contest-a-palooza

RESULT: 4th Place

School Girl by pamdavid

13th Polyvore Winner - Halloween

CONTEST: Halloween

RULE: Any thing with Halloween stuff in it

BY / GROUP: popstarprincess / Cute or not

RESULT: 1st Place

Trick or Treat by pamdavid

12th Polyvore Winner - Dream 1-Princess Outfit

CONTEST: Dream 1-Create a Princess outfit

RULE: Assume that when you fell asleep, you saw an amazing dream. In this dream you were a princess and your charming prince invited you to a dance. So what are you waiting for? Create an outfit! It can be a modern princess too doesn't have to be a girly girl princess.

BY / GROUP: ღwhiteliliღ / ***Dream***

RESULT: 2nd Place

Pink Muse by pamdavid

11th Polyvore Winner - Dress Up With Pants

CONTEST: Get Dressed Up With Pants

RULE: Create an outfit with pants, no dress or skirt or shorts! You can use a tee, a shirt, flats, heels.. just make it with pants.

BY / GROUP: Stacey Hillae / Playing Dress Up

RESULT: 5th Place

Cherry Blossom by pamdavid