Friday, November 21, 2008

22nd Polyvore Winner - The World Without Colors

CONTEST: The World Without Colors

RULE: Make a set with no color. It can only be shades of black,white,brown,and grey.


RESULT: 3rd and 4th Place

3rd Place:

Brown Wood by pamdavid

4th Place:

Creamy Black by pamdavid

21st Polyvore Winner - Wintry Wedding

CONTEST: Wintry Wedding

RULE: Design an outfit for a winter wedding. It's as simple as that!

BY / GROUP: ♥ K A E L I N ♥ / Colors of the Rainbow

RESULT: 1st Place

Winter Bride by pamdavid

20th Polyvore Winner - Invitation To A Fancy Dress Party

CONTEST: Invitation to a fancy dress party!

RULE: You have all been invited to an 18th Fancy Dress Party and it is entirely up to you, who you wanna dress up as! I am not expecting a haloween theme but if you do want to come to the party as a witch,etc. Then that is your choice because it's fancy dress after all. Please be experimental because you may have a chance of winning

BY / GROUP: Fashion-rocks (Taking requests) / Obsessed with fashion

RESULT: 1st and 2nd Place

1st Place:

La Petite by pamdavid

2nd Place:

Black & White Harlequin by pamdavid

19th Polyvore Winner - Winter 2008-2009

CONTEST: Winter 2008-2009

RULE: Create your perfect outfit for this winter in the color of the season - black! Winter - themed accessories are welcome.

BY / GROUP: Jasna2 / The Color Black

RESULT: 8th Place

Black Winter by pamdavid