Sunday, November 30, 2008

44th Polyvore Winner - Fedora Hat

CONTEST: Fedora Hat

RULE: Make a set w/ a fedora hat

BY / GROUP: ♥♥EdwardCullensfuturewife♥♥ / Just my cup of tea

RESULT: 2nd Place

Forever21 by pamdavid

43rd Polyvore Winner - My Fave Color

CONTEST: My Fave color.........

RULE: Create a set using any one or two or your favorite colors!

BY / GROUP: StyleGirl!(StyleIsMustForAGirl) / Make my sets famous!

RESULT: 2nd Place

Pink Coach by pamdavid

42nd Polyvore Winner - Set With A Bag

CONTEST: Set With A Bag

RULE: Create a set using a bag a clutch or anything it doesn't matter, all you have to do is create an outfit using a bag.

BY / GROUP: ღwhiteliliღ / !Bags and Shoes!

RESULT: 3rd Place

Uggs & Wrap by pamdavid