Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Someone really nice made this for me...

Today, I was surprised to read this message from rhedesign: "I made a set for you to thank you. Happy Holidays!"

And here's what she made for me:

Fancy Pants - For PamDavid by rhedesign

Isn't it beautiful? :)

I was so touched I got teary-eyed! It may sound corny but I can't help it. I mean, I really don't know rhedesign, or Rhea (as I gathered from her Myspace site) personally and for her to put an effort in making something like this for me is just amazing!

To Rhea, thank you so much for this beautiful set. You are very sweet and thoughtful and I really appreciate it. From now on, you are not just a Polyvore contact, but a Polyvore friend! Thank you for making Polyvore even better just by being in it. Hugs and kisses. :)

61st Polyvore Winner - Cool Tee

CONTEST: cool tee ( wet seal )

RULE: Create a set use in it 1 (PRODUCT) from wet seal (tee) and put jeans or skirt with cool shoes and Accessories from any site.


RESULT: 3rd Place

Paris by pamdavid

60th Polyvore Winner - Winter


RULE: Make a set about WINTER

BY / GROUP: Twilight_Addict_Forever / <3 ~~ !!Loveliness!! ~~

RESULT: 2nd Place

White Christmas by pamdavid

59th Polyvore Winner - Winter Warmth

CONTEST: Winter Warmth

RULE: Create a set using warm colors such as yellow, orange, red, pink and purple.

BY / GROUP: ღwhiteliliღ / ***Dream***

RESULT: 1st Place

Orange by pamdavid

58th Polyvore Winner - Sets with Writings

CONTEST: Your Votes(Sets with Writings)

RULE: set should include at least one word

BY / GROUP: ღwhiteliliღ / 3 Day Contests

RESULT: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place

1st Place:

I Am Me by pamdavid

2nd Place:

He gives me butterflies... by pamdavid

3rd Place:

Angel of God by pamdavid

57th Polyvore Winner - Your 3 Last Sets

CONTEST: Your 3 last sets!!

RULE: You have to submit your 3 last sets

BY / GROUP: ﺕ KuKi ﺕ / CooL & CHiC

RESULT: 1st Place

Black Date by pamdavid

56th Polyvore Winner - Hats and Mittens


RULE: Sets that have either hats or mittens

BY / GROUP: hɑɥℓɛɥ☃(LET iT SN0W)☃ / ☆Absoℓutɛℓɥ Anɥthing☆

RESULT: 7th Place

Plaids by pamdavid