Sunday, December 7, 2008

54th Polyvore Winner - Quote


RULE: make a set which includes a quote somewhere in it

BY / GROUP: EdwardCullensfuturewife is sad:( / Just my cup of tea

RESULT: 1st Place

Little Fairy by pamdavid

53rd Polyvore Winner - When I Grow Up

CONTEST: When I Grow Up

RULE: Make a themed set around the job you've always wanted or plan to be. It can be an astronaut, teacher, nurse, etc... anything you've ever dreamed of being! You must have an outfit.

BY / GROUP: pinkstar_x / { Eye Candy }

RESULT: 5th and 6th Place

5th Place:

Aviatress by pamdavid

6th Place:

ballerina by pamdavid

52nd Polyvore Winner - Black Friday

CONTEST: black friday

RULE: Make a set of something you would wear to: HIT THE MALL(:

BY / GROUP: Gabriela.taking requests. / Amazing Sets Group

RESULT: 1st Place

Forever21 B&W by pamdavid