Sunday, November 30, 2008

44th Polyvore Winner - Fedora Hat

CONTEST: Fedora Hat

RULE: Make a set w/ a fedora hat

BY / GROUP: ♥♥EdwardCullensfuturewife♥♥ / Just my cup of tea

RESULT: 2nd Place

Forever21 by pamdavid

43rd Polyvore Winner - My Fave Color

CONTEST: My Fave color.........

RULE: Create a set using any one or two or your favorite colors!

BY / GROUP: StyleGirl!(StyleIsMustForAGirl) / Make my sets famous!

RESULT: 2nd Place

Pink Coach by pamdavid

42nd Polyvore Winner - Set With A Bag

CONTEST: Set With A Bag

RULE: Create a set using a bag a clutch or anything it doesn't matter, all you have to do is create an outfit using a bag.

BY / GROUP: ღwhiteliliღ / !Bags and Shoes!

RESULT: 3rd Place

Uggs & Wrap by pamdavid

Saturday, November 29, 2008

41st Polyvore Winner - Christmas Outfits

CONTEST: Christmas Outfits!

RULE: Make sets with christmasie colors(red, green, white) colors like that to make a really cool set!!!

BY / GROUP: ♥ali hope♥ / Your best sets! NEW CONTEST!

RESULT: 2nd Place

Red, White & Black by pamdavid

40th Polyvore Winner - Winter is Coming

CONTEST: Winter is Coming...

RULE: All black and white. It has to be a winter outfit- no sandals- please include boots and a winter coat.

BY / GROUP: Veronika66 / Black and white

RESULT: 3rd Place

Black Winter by pamdavid

Friday, November 28, 2008

39th Polyvore Winner - Self Expression

CONTEST: § Self Expression § !!!!

RULE: Make a set to express something. There may be a quote in it, or stuff you like, or art that is very expressive! BE CREATIVE!!!!

BY / GROUP: Twilight_Addict_Forever / <3 ~~ !!Loveliness!! ~~

RESULT: 3rd Place

I Dreamed of a Wedding... by pamdavid

38th Polyvore Winner - Winter


RULE: Anything that has to do with winter can be entered!

BY / GROUP: iloveJBandedward:] / CONTESTS!

RESULT: 6th Place

Winter Wedding by pamdavid

37th Polyvore Winner - Science Geeks

CONTEST: Science Geeks!

RULE: I really believe that some people who just like maths or science are not nerds but really interesting people! I think that they can express themselves with that,like me! I really love my school H.W but fashion is like my super power and I don't have to hide it! I know that these people have many problems in their school so I thought to create a contest about them! This is the science geeks but I will create math & history geeks! Your sets must be high-fashion and have beautiful clothes in a nerdy style! Only remember that your sets have to be more cool because they must differ very much from the other contests like math or history geeks contest! I don't really mean geeks but I want to have some entries in my contest!!! (Science geeks: cool shirts but very big glasses. Also jeans or very 50's skirts☻!)

BY / GROUP: DFHBNBVGF / fashion runway

RESULT: 3rd and 4th Place

3rd Place:

School Girl by pamdavid

4th Place:

Nerdy by pamdavid

Thursday, November 27, 2008

36th Polyvore Winner - Print Contest

CONTEST: Print Contest!

RESULT: You can choose any animal print that you like and make a full outfit w/ it. If you include the animal, U get extra credit.

BY / GROUP: pillowfight_fun / color me excited!

RESULT: 4th Place

Leopard by pamdavid

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

35th Polyvore Winner - Set with Lyrics

CONTEST: Set with Lyrics

RULE: Enter any set with song lyrics in it!

BY / GROUP: pitch2me24- taking requests / Contests

RESULT: 2nd Place

1000 Miles by pamdavid

34th Polyvore Winner - Ugly outfit/ Cutest outfit

CONTEST: Ugly outfit/ Cutest outfit

RULE: Ugly outfit I don't expect a lot of entries for this one but i don't care submit an ugly outfit if u want Cutest outfit i will probably get a lot of entries for this.

BY / GROUP: ♥♥EdwardCullensfuturewife♥♥ / Just my cup of tea

RESULT: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Place!!!

2nd Place:

My Boyfriend's Jeans by pamdavid

3rd Place:

Sweet by pamdavid

4th Place:

Bows by pamdavid

5th Place:

Punk Kitty by pamdavid

6th Place:

Forever21 by pamdavid

7th Place:

hippiehobogypsy by pamdavid

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

33rd Polyvore Winner - I Love Lucy


BY / GROUP: Laura Denae / Battle of the Stylists II

RESULT: 3rd Place

Prim & Proper by pamdavid

Monday, November 24, 2008

32nd Polyvore Winner - Out of Ideas


RULE: Enter whatever! I can't think of anything!!

BY / GROUP: iloveJBandedward:] / CONTESTS!

RESULT: 1st Place

Bardot by pamdavid

31st Polyvore Winner - Big Bag

CONTEST: big bag

1) you have to have a big bag in your sets
2) it must be unique because

BY / GROUP: Katia™ / styles and contests!

RESULT: 3rd Place

One Day in Paris by pamdavid

30th Polyvore Winner - Underwear

CONTEST: Underwear

RULE: Sexy sets!Only underwears!

BY / GROUP: DFHBNBVGF / fashion runway

RESULT: 1st Place (because it's the only entry for this contest!)

Black & Peach by pamdavid

29th Polyvore Winner - Thanksgiving

CONTEST: Thanksgiving

RULE: Create an outfit that you would wear to a Thanksgiving party or dinner. Remember to include the colors brown and orange!!

BY / GROUP: ♥SillyChica♥ / The Amazing Contest!!!

RESULT: 1st Place

Cavalli by pamdavid

28th Polyvore Winner - Best of 2000

CONTEST: Best of 2000

RULE: As we approach the 2000 members target I want everyone to submit their best three sets ever ever!!!

BY / GROUP: sassolina / Style Creators

RESULT: 1st and 3rd Place

1st Place:

La Petite by pamdavid

3rd Place:

Pink Muse by pamdavid

27th Polyvore Winner - Prom Night

CONTEST: Prom night

RULE: Make a set with a dress, shoes and accesories for your prom night

BY / GROUP: sellma♥ / UniQue

RESULT: 4th Place

Alexis by pamdavid

26th Polyvore Winner - Eclectic

CONTEST: Eclectic

RULE: Eclectic theme. Eclectic is a crazy mixture of different styles.

BY / GROUP: Orangurple / 50 Theme Fashion Challenge

RESULT: 1st Place

Forever21 by pamdavid

Sunday, November 23, 2008

25th Polyvore Winner - All About A Skirt

CONTEST: All About A Skirt

RULE: This contest is all about a skirt. Every entry submitted must have a skirt in it.

BY / GROUP: Rad-ish;]xD / The Neverending Merry-Go-Round

RESULT: 2nd Place

School Girl by pamdavid

24th Polyvore Winner - Colorful Dressing

CONTEST: Week 4-Colorful Dressing

RULE: Create colorful and yet stylish outfits. There has to be at least 4 different colors clashing colors or well-going colors whatever... Just make them colorful and stylish!

BY / GROUP: ღwhiteliliღ / Fashion Posers

RESULT: 4th Place

Colors by pamdavid

Saturday, November 22, 2008

23rd Polyvore Winner - Retro: The 60's

CONTEST: Retro: The 60s !!!

RULE: Fashion in the 60s

BY / GROUP: LadyCatastrophe / Labels and Love

RESULT: 1st Place

Breakfast at Tiffany's by pamdavid

Friday, November 21, 2008

22nd Polyvore Winner - The World Without Colors

CONTEST: The World Without Colors

RULE: Make a set with no color. It can only be shades of black,white,brown,and grey.


RESULT: 3rd and 4th Place

3rd Place:

Brown Wood by pamdavid

4th Place:

Creamy Black by pamdavid

21st Polyvore Winner - Wintry Wedding

CONTEST: Wintry Wedding

RULE: Design an outfit for a winter wedding. It's as simple as that!

BY / GROUP: ♥ K A E L I N ♥ / Colors of the Rainbow

RESULT: 1st Place

Winter Bride by pamdavid

20th Polyvore Winner - Invitation To A Fancy Dress Party

CONTEST: Invitation to a fancy dress party!

RULE: You have all been invited to an 18th Fancy Dress Party and it is entirely up to you, who you wanna dress up as! I am not expecting a haloween theme but if you do want to come to the party as a witch,etc. Then that is your choice because it's fancy dress after all. Please be experimental because you may have a chance of winning

BY / GROUP: Fashion-rocks (Taking requests) / Obsessed with fashion

RESULT: 1st and 2nd Place

1st Place:

La Petite by pamdavid

2nd Place:

Black & White Harlequin by pamdavid

19th Polyvore Winner - Winter 2008-2009

CONTEST: Winter 2008-2009

RULE: Create your perfect outfit for this winter in the color of the season - black! Winter - themed accessories are welcome.

BY / GROUP: Jasna2 / The Color Black

RESULT: 8th Place

Black Winter by pamdavid

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

18th Polyvore Winner - Winter Fling

CONTEST: Winter Fling

RULE: You were just invited to a fabulous holiday party and you must look your best! Create a whole scene :)

BY / GROUP: Lannie3279 / Fabulous FashMatchers

RESULT: 2nd Place

La Petite by pamdavid

17th Polyvore Winner - Show Me What You Got

CONTEST: Show me what you got!

RULE: Enter your FAV set

BY / GROUP: ☆*☮MerryMerrill☮*☆ / Who loves shoes?

RESULT: 3rd Place

Red, White & Black by pamdavid

16th Polyvore Winner - Simple Set with Great Outfits

CONTEST: Simple Set with Great Outfits

RULES: The title says it all, you've to make sets depicting good style, entries will be judged on the basis of how good the outfits are.

BY / GROUP: Ayesha Fatima™ / Make my sets famous!

RESULT: 3rd Place

Beige by pamdavid

Monday, November 17, 2008

15th Polyvore Winner - American Eagle Outfitters


RULE: Must include at least TWO items from American Eagle Outfitters.

BY / GROUP: Suzy Kaulitz-Cullen ♥ / I [♥] CONTESTS!

RESULT: 2nd Place

AE Casual by pamdavid

14th Polyvore Winner - Seatbelt Bag

CONTEST: SeatBelt Bags

RULE: Include a seatbelt bag. It can be any bag, wallet, or accessory

BY / GROUP: c0lekristine / contest-a-palooza

RESULT: 4th Place

School Girl by pamdavid

13th Polyvore Winner - Halloween

CONTEST: Halloween

RULE: Any thing with Halloween stuff in it

BY / GROUP: popstarprincess / Cute or not

RESULT: 1st Place

Trick or Treat by pamdavid

12th Polyvore Winner - Dream 1-Princess Outfit

CONTEST: Dream 1-Create a Princess outfit

RULE: Assume that when you fell asleep, you saw an amazing dream. In this dream you were a princess and your charming prince invited you to a dance. So what are you waiting for? Create an outfit! It can be a modern princess too doesn't have to be a girly girl princess.

BY / GROUP: ღwhiteliliღ / ***Dream***

RESULT: 2nd Place

Pink Muse by pamdavid

11th Polyvore Winner - Dress Up With Pants

CONTEST: Get Dressed Up With Pants

RULE: Create an outfit with pants, no dress or skirt or shorts! You can use a tee, a shirt, flats, heels.. just make it with pants.

BY / GROUP: Stacey Hillae / Playing Dress Up

RESULT: 5th Place

Cherry Blossom by pamdavid

Sunday, November 16, 2008

10th Polyvore Winner - Wedding Outfit

CONTEST: Going to a wedding and need help with what to wear.

1. Stands out without looking better than the bride
2. Something i can actually buy, try not to use designer names

BY / GROUP: Luna_66 / Pay It Forward

RESULT: 1st and 4th Place

1st Place

Roses are Red by pamdavid

4th Place

Green Gem by pamdavid

9th Polyvore Winner - Your color and style

CONTEST: Your color and style

1) fun
2) unique

BY / GROUP: katia (♥ɾq♥) / styles and contests!

RESULT: 5th Place

Ribbons and Bows by pamdavid

Saturday, November 15, 2008

8th Polyvore Winner - What To Wear To School?

CONTEST: What to wear to school?

RULES: What would you wear to school?

BY / GROUP: GOLDENjunk / Born to lead

RESULT: 2nd Place

Plaids by pamdavid

Friday, November 14, 2008

7th Polyvore Winner - High Heels or Flats?

CONTEST: High Heels or Flats

RULES: Do you prefer high heels or flats? High heels are shoes that give you a sexy & strong style. On the other hand there are the adorable flats which they give you a cute & light style! Some women prefer the medium height of shoes but what do you prefer!

BY / GROUP: fashion runway

RESULT: 3rd Place

Beige by pamdavid

Thursday, November 13, 2008

6th Polyvore Winner - Go Big or Go Home

CONTEST: Go Big or Go Home

RULE: Best of your favorites

BY / GROUP: vic555 / Group 4 People Who Love Fashion

RESULT: 1st and 2nd Place (!!!)

1st Place

Travel in LV by pamdavid

2nd Place

Creamy Black by pamdavid