Friday, November 28, 2008

37th Polyvore Winner - Science Geeks

CONTEST: Science Geeks!

RULE: I really believe that some people who just like maths or science are not nerds but really interesting people! I think that they can express themselves with that,like me! I really love my school H.W but fashion is like my super power and I don't have to hide it! I know that these people have many problems in their school so I thought to create a contest about them! This is the science geeks but I will create math & history geeks! Your sets must be high-fashion and have beautiful clothes in a nerdy style! Only remember that your sets have to be more cool because they must differ very much from the other contests like math or history geeks contest! I don't really mean geeks but I want to have some entries in my contest!!! (Science geeks: cool shirts but very big glasses. Also jeans or very 50's skirts☻!)

BY / GROUP: DFHBNBVGF / fashion runway

RESULT: 3rd and 4th Place

3rd Place:

School Girl by pamdavid

4th Place:

Nerdy by pamdavid

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