Tuesday, January 6, 2009

86th Polyvore Winner - Diva


RULE: Ooooh, glamorous, dahling! This is for your sets for the theme Diva.

BY / GROUP: Orangurple / 50 Theme Fashion Challenge

RESULT: 3rd Place

Golden Girl by pamdavid

85th Polyvore Winner - Orange


RULE: Warm up with orange! any set that has at least 1 orange item

BY / GROUP: ღwhiteliliღ / ***Dream***

RESULT: 4th Place

Orange by pamdavid

84th Polyvore Winner - Celeb Style

CONTEST: Celeb Style

RULE: Any celeb set

BY / GROUP: ღwhiteliliღ / Look Book

RESULT: 3rd Place

hippiehobogypsy by pamdavid

83rd Ployvore Winner - Now Gold


RULE: Make a set with something gold in it

BY / GROUP: ღwhiteliliღ / 3 Day Contests

RESULT: 3rd Place

Ruffles by pamdavid

82nd Polyvore Winner - Christmas

CONTEST: Christmas

RULE: Make a Christmas set

BY / GROUP: .It'sME. / Fall/Winter 2009

RESULT: 5th Place

Red, White & Black by pamdavid

81st Polyvore Winner - Christmas Time Is Here!

CONTEST: Christmas Time Is Here!

RULE: Submit sets about Christmas!

BY / GROUP: Beky!!!! / Be Yourself No Matter How Big Or Small

RESULT: 3rd Place

Merry Christmas by pamdavid

80th Polyvore Winner - BOOTS


RULE: make a set that have a pair of BOOTS in it. RULE IS: You should include an either BROWN or BLACK, HEEL, KNEE HIGH BOOTS in your sets!


RESULT: 7th Place

Travel in LV by pamdavid

79th Polyvore Winner - Winter Wonderland

CONTEST: Winter Wonderland

RULE: Create a set about winter!! Or a set about something u would wear during the winter. DO NOT MAKE A CHRISTMAS SET!!

BY / GROUP: SillyChica♥sTaylorLautner / The Amazing Contest!!!

RESULT: 3rd and 5th Place

3rd Place

Beige by pamdavid

5ht Place

Travel in LV by pamdavid

78th Polyvore Winner - Tall Boots

CONTEST: Tall Boots

RULE: Include a pair of sexy, tall boots. The kind of boots that you'd fall in during the winter wearing

BY / GROUP: fαshιonαbly εlιsαℓovε;♡ / official.risk-takers.group.[ <3 ]

Beige by pamdavid

77th Polyvore Winner - Passion

CONTEST: Passion

RULE: Makes a set about being passionate What are YOU passionate about? u can either include that in the description or just by showing it in ur set it can be about passion in general, just write wht ur passionate about in the description.

BY / GROUP: lovexmusicx / Express Yourself

RESULT: 7th Place

Which Prada Shoes to Wear? by pamdavid

76th Polyvore Winner - MaGiC!


RULE: We all wish we had powers right? Well, here is your chance to show me what, where and how! Be creative. You can make a set about fairies, or just something entirely unique!!!! NOTHING CREEPY!!!! Impress me!!!! make me want to have those superpowers!!!

BY / GROUP: Twilight_Addict_Forever / <3 ~~ !!Loveliness!! ~~

RESULT: 3rd Place

Girls Kick Balls by pamdavid

75th Polyvore Winner - Pool Party

CONTEST: Pool Party

RULE: Create a set using a swimsuit. It can be at the beach, pool, etc.

BY / GROUP: pinkstar_x / { Eye Candy }

RESULT: 1st Place

Sunset Beach by pamdavid

74th Polyvore Winner - Shinelicious

CONTEST: **Shinelicious**

RULE: Make a set with "shinelicious" dress, skirts or some other items...something what would u wear to the Disco

BY / GROUP: ♥Sellma♥ / UniQue

RESULT: 3rd, 7th and 8th Place

3rd Place

Goldie by pamdavid

7th Place

Metallic Brown by pamdavid

8th Place

Golden Girl by pamdavid

73rd Polyvore Winner - The Cropped Vest

CONTEST: The Cropped vest

RULE: You need to have a croupped vest in your set

BY / GROUP: McKenna♥s♥Edward♥Cullen / Just my cup of tea

RESULT: 3rd Place

Forever21 by pamdavid