Wednesday, November 19, 2008

18th Polyvore Winner - Winter Fling

CONTEST: Winter Fling

RULE: You were just invited to a fabulous holiday party and you must look your best! Create a whole scene :)

BY / GROUP: Lannie3279 / Fabulous FashMatchers

RESULT: 2nd Place

La Petite by pamdavid

17th Polyvore Winner - Show Me What You Got

CONTEST: Show me what you got!

RULE: Enter your FAV set

BY / GROUP: ☆*☮MerryMerrill☮*☆ / Who loves shoes?

RESULT: 3rd Place

Red, White & Black by pamdavid

16th Polyvore Winner - Simple Set with Great Outfits

CONTEST: Simple Set with Great Outfits

RULES: The title says it all, you've to make sets depicting good style, entries will be judged on the basis of how good the outfits are.

BY / GROUP: Ayesha Fatima™ / Make my sets famous!

RESULT: 3rd Place

Beige by pamdavid