Monday, November 24, 2008

32nd Polyvore Winner - Out of Ideas


RULE: Enter whatever! I can't think of anything!!

BY / GROUP: iloveJBandedward:] / CONTESTS!

RESULT: 1st Place

Bardot by pamdavid

31st Polyvore Winner - Big Bag

CONTEST: big bag

1) you have to have a big bag in your sets
2) it must be unique because

BY / GROUP: Katia™ / styles and contests!

RESULT: 3rd Place

One Day in Paris by pamdavid

30th Polyvore Winner - Underwear

CONTEST: Underwear

RULE: Sexy sets!Only underwears!

BY / GROUP: DFHBNBVGF / fashion runway

RESULT: 1st Place (because it's the only entry for this contest!)

Black & Peach by pamdavid

29th Polyvore Winner - Thanksgiving

CONTEST: Thanksgiving

RULE: Create an outfit that you would wear to a Thanksgiving party or dinner. Remember to include the colors brown and orange!!

BY / GROUP: ♥SillyChica♥ / The Amazing Contest!!!

RESULT: 1st Place

Cavalli by pamdavid

28th Polyvore Winner - Best of 2000

CONTEST: Best of 2000

RULE: As we approach the 2000 members target I want everyone to submit their best three sets ever ever!!!

BY / GROUP: sassolina / Style Creators

RESULT: 1st and 3rd Place

1st Place:

La Petite by pamdavid

3rd Place:

Pink Muse by pamdavid

27th Polyvore Winner - Prom Night

CONTEST: Prom night

RULE: Make a set with a dress, shoes and accesories for your prom night

BY / GROUP: sellma♥ / UniQue

RESULT: 4th Place

Alexis by pamdavid

26th Polyvore Winner - Eclectic

CONTEST: Eclectic

RULE: Eclectic theme. Eclectic is a crazy mixture of different styles.

BY / GROUP: Orangurple / 50 Theme Fashion Challenge

RESULT: 1st Place

Forever21 by pamdavid