Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My New Addiction

Yes, I admit.

I am guilty.

I am an addict...

... a Fashmatch-addict! :)

Some months ago, I was browsing through the different Facebook applications available, when one caught my eye, the Outfit Factory from Fashmatch. It allows you to put together outfits according to your preference and share it to the web-wide world. And what's nice about it is you play with real clothing. After I made my first match, I got hooked!

I started out making "matches" (or outfits) in Facebook but decided to switch to Fashmatch because the application is too slow with FB. I didn't know it was a big thing really, until I switched to Fashmatch. In the beginning I was just sharing my matches to a few friends because I didn't really think of myself as a "Fashionista" and didn't want to embarass myself. Hahaha!

My best friend was my fashion critic, she gives me her comments and chooses the outfits she likes best. At that time she was not a Fashmatch member, but after a few weeks I got her hooked too. I also recommended the site to a friend who was going through something difficult and needed something to occupy her mind and time, it not only cheered her up, she got hooked as well. :)

The site is undergoing some works at the moment and not all features are working (yet). Registration is quick and easy too. To visit, go to:

Oh and by the way, people may rate and comment on some of your matches. But don't feel bad if you don't get the rate you expect, we all have different tastes anyway. Just have fun and bring out that creative fashion sense of yours. Once you've tried it, I'm sure you will agree, Fashmatch is fashionable, fun and very addictive!

Enjoy! ;)

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