Monday, October 6, 2008

30th Winning Outfit - Kara Kent

CONTEST: Make an outfit that Kara Kent (Smallville), or a girl version of Clark Kent, would wear. If you've never seen the show or heard of it, the color is BLUE.
BY: NoCanoodaling08
RESULT: 2nd Place and 6th Place

2nd Place:
 Polo - COLLECTION Virginie Silk Striped Dress
 Jimmy Choo - Trivia glitter sandals
 Urban Outfitters -  Shell Leaf Necklace
Matcher: py_david

6th Place:
black n blue
 Bisou Bisou - Bisou Bisou� Satin Trim Cami
 Marc Jacobs - Chrissie' Stretch Denim Jeans
 BCBGirls -  BCBGirls 'Sundown' Pump
 Lee Angel - Large Wavy Enamel Stretch Bracelet
Matcher: py_david

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